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imgLegacy Landrace Growers Cup Created by CryptoCannabis

CCG DApp Legacy Landrace Growers Cup!

Join this tournament event and race to grow landrace plant strain variety types!

How To Participate:
1. Join this tournament via the "Join Now" Button.

2. Pay Tournament fee: 10 CCGX TRC20: Harvest Mine CCGX Here: CCGX Harvest Miner

3. Spend your CCGX TRC20 Entrance Fee Here To CCGX DApp Wallet Escrow:: THC8fB8Jqen4qErPYxCLkgwRSDtpf3RBCJ

4. When the Legacy Landrace Tournament begins enter the GrowRoom here to begin growing: CCG DApp GrowRoom

-Make sure your CCGX sending wallet address is the same as your whitelisted wallet you entered during CryptoCannabis ecosystem account registration.
Match against other blazers to climb the ladder ranks to top place grower and win great prizes plus earn LeafUp badge awards that will become displayed on your CCDL Team shop that you own or are a part of in the collected badges section!

Grow the following strains to rank LeafUp points and climb the tournaments ladder ranks:
Central American
Hindu Kush
South American

Each end of day in US NYC TimeZone the ladder ranks will be updated accordingly to your accounts registered and whitelisted Tron Blockchain wallet address, so make sure you have included/updated your wallet address in the settings tab of your Blazer profile account. Ladder rank prizes will be issued at the end of the Legacy Landrace Growers Cup. Overall grower volume prizes are issued separately to the top ten Legacy Landrace Strain growers whom grew the most Legacy Landrace Strains.

Ladder Rank Prizes will be announced after the tournament event on the CCG DApp main landing page. Top GrowthXP token users will also be tracked and rewarded extra prizes that will be announced in the CCG DApp landing page after tournament event concludes.

Started on
December 26, 2019 5:00 am


  • img

    5 out of 420

  • img


    Tournament type
  • img

    Server: 420


Tournament details

  • Game

    Legacy Landrace Strain Breeding
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Tournament frequency

  • Game modes

    Crypto Cannabis Cup


  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Aceh

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Afghani

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: African

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Central American

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Hindu Kush

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Jamaican

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Mexican

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Nepalese

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: South American

  • Legacy Landrace Strain: Thai



How to climb ladder match ranks:

1. Upon the start of the Legacy Landrace Growers Cup you must request to match against a grower 1 to 2 places either above or below you. This ensures a fair, yet competitive edge to the Growers Cup by allowing users to help below ladder rank growers have a chance to be challenged to push themselves to grow more yet to not give unfair advantage of higher ladder ranks to be able to match against growers to far below on the ladder ranks comparatively. The ladder ranks matching engine well as does not allow growers to match to high against top ladder growers whom are leading the ranks which would make for unfair competition for lower ranks to realistically grow more than a higher ladder ranked grower.

2. If a match request is initiated again yourself or you initiate a match request against another grower and that request is not acknowledged by the end of each daily match tournaments growers period during the tournament then you or the other whom did not take the match request will drop down on the ladder ranks, so make sure to pay attention to whom has requested a match against you so you can win the daily grow match!

At the end of the tournament the top 3 winning growers whom grew the most during matchings wins ladder rank prize awards.

How To Win A Legacy Landrace Growers Cup:

1. Unlike the Ladder ranks engine prize pool, tournament participant growers whom overall grew, harvested and extracted from the CCG DApp GrowRoom contract the most Legacy Landrace Strains will be considered the winners of the Legacy Landrace Growers Cup Tournament event. Prize awards are then issued to the top three ranked volume growers. The top 8 runner up growers also win prize awards for growing Legacy Landrace Strains!

2. Blazer account wallets that extracted their plants from the GrowRoom and entered the tournament are the only wallets being factored into the growth rates, so make sure that your user account you registered in the CryptoCannabis ecosystem contains your growers wallet address whitelisted as the same with your Blazer account. Make sure that all your grown and harvest plants are extracted before the end of each day before 12AM NYC TimeZone! Also timing your growth and harvest are solely up to you so make sure to grow and harvest at a strategic timing and or use GrowthXP's of LeafUp TRC10 or CCGX TRC20 to decrease the Legacy Landrace Strains growth difficulties!

3. Make sure that your have harvest mined and paid your CCGX TRC20 tournament entrance fee or your wallet will not be factored in to the growth volume points accrued and factored.

All Tournament Participants Are To Grow With Appropriate Behaviors

Always treat those whom you are competing against with kindness and in an appropriate way always during tournaments. Any hazing, cheating, or derogatory communications directed at other competitive growers will be banned from the tournament and possibly from the entire CCG DApp ecosystem if the reports are serious enough to enact such decisions of the CCG DApp Oracles and administration. Always keep a professional and appropriate demeanor during these events please, for yourself and for the enjoyment and safety of the community and ecosystem all-together. That go's being said for after the tournament concludes as well that winners and or those whom did not win still are expected to remain as fair players with a good attitude towards each other during Blazer tournament cup events and or CCDL Shop Team competition events at all times.

Please Contact The CryptoCannabis Administration Via Email Or To An Ecosystem Oracle If Such Events Of Platform Cheating, Abuse Or Verbal Occurs From One User To Yourself Or Another So That This Space Always Is A Safe Fun Environment!

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : One of each Legacy Landrace Strain, 100 CCGX TRC20, 1000 IndicaGeneSeed, 1000 SativaGeneSeed, 420 LeafUp!
imgplace 2 : 1 Indica Dominate Legacy Landrace Strain, 1 Sativa Dominate Legacy Landrace Strain, 50 CCGX TRC20, 1000 IndicaGeneSeed, 1000 SativaGeneSeed, 420 LeafUp!
imgplace 3 : 1 Randomized Legacy Landrace Strain, 25 CCGX TRC20, 1000 IndicaGeneSeed, 1000 SativaGeneSeed, 420 LeafUp!
place 4 : 1000 IndicaGeneSeed, 1000 SativaGeneSeed, 420 LeafUp!
place 5 : 500 IndicaGeneSeed, 500 SativaGeneSeed, 210 LeafUp!
place 6 : 250 IndicaGeneSeed, 250 SativaGeneSeed, 105 LeafUp!
place 7 : 125 IndicaGeneSeed, 125 SativaGeneSeed, 50 LeafUp!
place 8 : 50 IndicaGeneSeed, 50 SativaGeneSeed, 25 LeafUp!

Tournament brackets

# Team Battles Victories Defeats Draws
1 KinToshi 1 0 0 1
2 Newsense 1 0 0 1
3 CryptoOracle 0 0 0 0
4 Musawer 2 0 0 2
5 PotMillionaire 0 0 0 0
6 CryptoCannabisOracle 0 0 0 0
7 PotMillionaire 0 0 0 0
8 Teeleteel 0 0 0 0
9 Teeleteel 0 0 0 0


Match Date Team 1ScoreTeam 2
January 7, 2020 5:30 pm Musawer 0:0 Newsense
January 5, 2020 9:39 am Musawer 0:0 KinToshi
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