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  • The CCG DApp Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to grow, breed, harvest and collect rare and common Crypto Cannabis digital collectible plant strain varieties !
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Team Dusty


Team Dusty CCDL Team Shop

Welcome to the Team Dusty Shop! Home of the infamous Dusty Kio and CCG DApp Strain collections and gaming! This short list is just some of the amazing things that are happening in our team shop… We are so excited that you are joining us on this journey!

Here you have found yourself in the right place to obtain amazing strain and CCG DApp collected custom strains. Here you also may, play games, compete and earn rewards! Also find featured CCG DApp relic FT/NFT game strains and items listed and available here to obtain and and store in your stash for collecting or further breeding needs.

For those of you new to Team Dusty, a brief explanation… Team Dusty shop and its blazer members first and foremost, is a kind and creative community space. That doesn’t mean you must be a gamer/content creator or not, just where our focus is. We have benefits for everyone though, through collaborations with and for good projects… and an opportunity to earn a piece of the Twizted Monkey stake in the GeneSeed Pi and CCGX!

What we have collected and are selling is here for sale via our own smart contract implementation or via TRONWALLET and or CoinPayments in partnership affiliation with as well.

We are working WITH the community, to help build a more cohesive community which can help provide use cases and value in our favorite project… Tron!

Don’t miss out and join together today to begin staking claim to the GeneSeed pi!

CCGX Executive Overview

CCGX token is a multi-use case cryptocurrency token which will be implemented in several key industries, of CBD & CBG & Cannabis industry, and the Electronic Gaming world. The combination of these industries will bring tremendous value and potential of growth for the CCGX.

Visit The CCGX OTC Desk When Your Have A Chance

Boarding the CCG DApp Moon Rocket
Partnership Strains Grow Room Coming Soon! Stock Up On Partner Tokens At The CCG DApp Token ATM
Team Dusty Team Strains Grown/Bred: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
Team Dusty Team Strains Harvested/Extracted: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
Team Dusty Team Strains Burned: 0 0.00 LeafUp EXP
Team Dusty Team Gaming Tournaments Won: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
  • Total CCG DApp Strains: 27,000
  • Total CCG DApp Strains Grown: 0
  • Total CCG DApp Strains Harvested: 0.00
  • Total CCG DApp Strains Extracted: : 0.000
  • Total CCG DApp Strains Burned: 0.000

 Team Dusty P2P Wall

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