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SR TRON Europe Origins Shop


SR TRON Europe CCDL Team Shop

Welcome to the SR TRON Europe Origins Shop! Home of the EurOriginGold (SREOG) Crpypto Cannabis Game strain! As well as the SEED token TRC10 may be utilized to grow any strain across the entire CCG DApp ecosystem.

Who we are?

We are a community – build organization from Europe

and we reward our voting members.


We have some great news for all fans of our TRONEuropeRewardCoin

Start of test phase:
#HODL TERC and get rewards

1 TERC is rewarded like 1 vote

SR Tron Europe Origins

Project Origin is a platform to help developers gain the funding they require to build, launch and promote their dApps.

The Tron Foundation will be rewarding Super Representatives 32 TRX per block generated, in addition to a candidate reward of 115,200 TRX for all SR candidates delivered in proportion to total votes cast in the Super Representative elections every 6 hours. 

Here you have found yourself in the right place to obtain SEEDOrganic (SROG) FT/NFT strain(s), play games, compete and earn rewards! Also find featured CCG DApp relic FT/NFT game strains and items listed and available here to obtain and and store in your stash for collecting or further breeding needs.

What we have collected and are selling is here for sale via our own smart contract implementation or via TRONWALLET and or CoinPayments in partnership affiliation with as well.

Don’t miss out and join together today to begin staking claim to the GeneSeed pi!

EurOriginGold (SREOG) CCG DApp Game Strain Coming Soon!

Stock Up Right Directly Here With TERC Towards Gening EurOriginGold (SREOG) Strain Soon

SR TRON Europe Origins! Join & stay learn about great investable projects!
Partnership Strains Grow Room Coming Soon! Stock Up On Partner Tokens At The CCG DApp Token ATM
EurOriginGold (SREOG) Team Strains Grown/Bred: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
EurOriginGold (SREOG) Team Strains Harvested/Extracted: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
EurOriginGold (SREOG) Team Crypto Cannabis Cups Won: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
EurOriginGold (SREOG) Team Gaming Tournaments Won: 0 = 0.00 LeafUp EXP
  • Total EurOriginGold TRC20 Strains: 1000
  • Total EurOriginGold TRC20 Grown: 500
  • Total EurOriginGold TRC20 Harvested: 0.00
  • Total EurOriginGold Extracted: : 0.000
  • Total EurOriginGold Strain Burned: 0.000

Legacy Landrace Strains

  • Total Legacy Gen0 Supply: 1000
  • Total Legacy Gen0 Grown: 0
  • Total Legacy Gen0 Harvested: 0
  • Total Legacy Gen0 Extracted: 0
  • Total Legacy Gen0 Burned: 0

Landrace Pheno Strains

  • Total Landrace Pheno Gen0 Supply: 1000
  • Total Landrace Pheno Gen0 Grown: 0
  • Total Landrace Pheno Gen0 Harvested: 0
  • Total Landrace Pheno Gen0 Extracted: 0
  • Total Landrace Pheno Gen0 Burned: 0

Heirloom Hybrid Strains

  • Total Heir Hybrid Gen0 Supply: 1000
  • Total Heir Hybrid Gen0 Grown: 0
  • Total Heir Hybrid Gen0 Harvested: 0
  • Total Heir Hybrid Gen0 Extracted: 0
  • Total Heir Hybrid Gen0 Burned: 0

Hybrid Pheno Strains

  • Total Hybrid Pheno Gen0 Supply: 1000
  • Total Hybrid Pheno Gen0 Grown: 0
  • Total Hybrid Pheno Gen0 Harvested: 0
  • Total Hybrid Pheno Gen0 Extracted: 0
  • Total Hybrid Pheno Gen0 Burned: 0

Classic Hybrid Strains

  • Total Classics G0 Supply: 1000
  • Total Classics Gen0 Grown: 0
  • Total Classics G0 Harvested: 0
  • Total Classics G0 Extracted: 0
  • Total Classics G0 Burned: 0

 SR Tron Europe Shop P2P Wall

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