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Green Inferno


Welcome To The Green Inferno CCDL Shop!

See the Pen
Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat
by Jon Kantner (@jkantner)
on CodePen.

Current Phase:

Pre-Beta: ENJIN Scaling, Beta: TRC20 FT Strains.

Roadmap Schedule:

Scale from TRC20 FT to ENJIN GreenInferno Customs for bonus incentives.

Our brand of Crypto Cannabis Game Digital FT/NFT Smart-contract Relic Strains are exclusive to being a Green Inferno VIP Team Blazer/Game Competitor.

See the Pen 3D Game Concept by Kin (@CryptoCannabis) on CodePen.

You have made your way into the digital wilderness from the chaos of society.

It is now time to enter the Green Inferno.


SUN SideChain Games

Current Available Games:

  • ShellShockers | Blockchain Producer


SUN SideChain Games

Current Available Games:

  • CCGX Blazers Race: Grow & Harvest | Blackhole Soundwave Race | DAppman | Tweeter Reach | Star Collector | Blazer Bud Battle | GreenRootSnake

Mind & Motor Skills

SUN SideChain Games

Current Available Games:

  • CCGX Blazers Race: Block Hash Race | Crypto Cannabis Math | CCGX GemSeed Race | Blazer Draw | Light Memory | Blaze Maze | JailBreak | GeneSeed Collector | Matrix Maze | Game Of Trains

Green Inferno Strains & Relics Explorer

Game: CCGX Blazers Race: Beta Block Hash Race

CCGX Blazers Race: Grow & Harvest

CCGX Coin Pong

Blackhole Soundwave Race

CryptoCannabis GeneSeed Adventure

Blockchain Producer

Game: Shell Shockers

Game: Game Of Trains

CCGX GemSeed Race


CryptoCannabis GeneSeed Adventure

Game: Tweeter Reach

Game: Blaze & Draw

Game: Light Memory

Game: Star Collector

Game: JailBreak

Game: GeneSeed Collector

Game: Blazer Bud Battle

Game: Matrix Maze

Green Inferno Strains & Relics Explorer

Gem Stone on emojidex

Green Inferno Relics Coming Soon!


Edition: NEOBurn

Gem Stone on emojidex

Green Inferno Relics Coming Soon!


Edition: DoubleBurn

weed Discord Emoji

1st Green Inferno Custom Strain Coming Soon!

Peaches & Clover

Gem Stone on emojidex

Green Inferno Relics Coming Soon!


Edition: SteamPunk

Gem Stone on emojidex

Green Inferno Relics Coming Soon!

Relic Set:

Edition: Inferno Relic Pack

Upcoming Green Inferno Team Competitions

  • 1st Ever Crypto Cannabis Cup


    Tournament Begins: January 20, 2020, 4:20 am

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Tournament Author: CryptoCannabis

    Maximum Participants: 420 users

    Current Participants: 25 users

    Prize: 10,000 TRON TRX, 5,000 TRON TRX, 2,500 TRON TRX

    • Green Inferno CCGX Competition Fee's Collected
    • GreenInferno CCGX Competition Winner Payouts

    Green Inferno Full Explorer

    Green Inferno Team: CCG DApp Guide

    Welcome to the Green Inferno Team Shop!

    What is the Green Inferno Team Shop?

    Answer: Great Question! The Green Inferno Team Shop is where you may obtain all different  custom premium strain types from ultra rare to the common variety in its GeneSeed needs. Further scalings to smart contract game strain FT/NFT flower, concentrates and edibles are within the roadmap of CCG DApp.

    What is a smart contract strain?

    Answer: Smart contract game strains are solidity secure based encoding that is housed and written with certain features like the ability of a certain smart contract flower for example to to burned into nothing (smoking in a TRON Bong) to earn CCGX cryptocurrency MicroMine tokens back to obtain CCGX TRC20 Cryptocurrency. This works also by harvesting FT/NFT Smart Contract Game Strains, Game Dabbing FT/NFT Concentrates, and consuming FT/NFT Game Smart contract edibles.


    -Blazer Guide Brief-

    Download TronLink to utility our smart contracts via desktop browsers:

    TRON LINK Chrome Wallet

    Download VenaPi Wallet, MathWallet and or Cobo Wallet to utility CCG DApp Smart Contracts and store all game tokens on the blockchain securely in your on the go daily blazings:

    VenaPi Wallet



    *All Wallets are available for one or all/all iOS and Android, iPads, SmartPads and SmartPhones/OtherSmartDevices via the above secure wallets DApp Browsers.*
    *Disclaimer: Mobile/internet provider data fees/restrictions from use of wallets, browsers, CCG DApp in its entirety is solely to your own discretion and is between you and your cellphone/internet provider your data and cost packages at your own discretion. You acknowledge that any financial risk and or costs associated with any utility in any way shape or form within the Crypto Cannabis Game DApp ecosystem is at your own discretion and is your own responsibility all of your choices of involvement.*
    *Never share your wallets privacy key with anyone or ever anywhere in public eye-view. Secure a backup copy of your wallet address and privacy key in a secure way that is password encrypted with the password backed up securely, or in paper wallet form in secure safe deposit box for example only you or benefactors have access to.*

    Green Inferno Team: CCG DApp Guide

    Interested In A Custom Premium Smart Contract Strain Design & Minting?

    Send Us A Direct Message To Obtain Your Green Inferno Relic strain(s).

    -Market Your Own Strain Brand Exclusively In An Extended ICCSG-

    ICCSG = Initial Crypto Cannabis Strain Germination

    Extend your custom strain marketplace exclusively here in the Green Inferno relic items exchange.


     Green Inferno Shop P2P Wall

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