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  • First Crypto Cannabis Cup: January 20th 2019!
  • Play specific games and earn free SativeGeneSeed or IndicaGeneSeed for making top leader score boards!
  • CCGX OTC Desk: Now Open!
  • Obtain CCGX TRC10 Tokens At CCGX OTC Desk!
  • Seed The CCGX TRC10 Towards Harvesting CCGX TRC20 Cryptocurrency!
  • Freeze and harvest further CCGX TRC10 MicroMine Tokens Cross Chain! CCGX Freeze & Stake Coming soon!
  • Crypto Cannabis ATM Is Now Open!
  • Stock up on tokens!
  • The CCG DApp non-working test shell of the Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to tour!



CCG DApp Token ATM

Here you will find the token ATM smart contract securely housed for you convenience of use. 

CCG DApp Token ATM Tokens:

  • SativaGeneSeed (SATVA) Cost: 1 TRX Each
  • IndicaGeneSeed (INDCA) Cost: 1 TRX Each
  • LeafUp (LEAF) Cost: 2 TRX Each

CCG DApp SR Tokens:

    • SEED (SEED) Cost: Market TRX Rates
    • TronEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) Cost: Market TRX Rates

Partnership Tokens:

  • LOCT Cost: 5 TRX Each
  • KIWI Cost: 5 TRX Each
  • MMT Cost: 5 TRX Each

-Click Here On Token ATM Below-

 CCG DApp Token ATM Wall

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