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  • The CCG DApp Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to grow, breed, harvest and collect rare and common Crypto Cannabis digital collectible plant strain varieties !
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Match description

CCG DApp Legacy Landrace Growers Cup!

Join this tournament event and race to grow landrace plant strain variety types!

How To Participate:

1. Join this tournament via the "Join Now" Button.

2. Pay Tournament fee: 10 CCGX TRC20: Harvest Mine CCGX Here: CCGX Harvest Miner

3. Spend your CCGX TRC20 Entrance Fee Here To CCGX DApp Wallet Escrow:: THC8fB8Jqen4qErPYxCLkgwRSDtpf3RBCJ

4. When the Legacy Landrace Tournament begins enter the GrowRoom here to begin growing: CCG DApp GrowRoom

-Make sure your CCGX sending wallet address is the same as your whitelisted wallet you entered during CryptoCannabis ecosystem account registration.

Match against other blazers to climb the ladder ranks to top place grower and win great prizes plus earn LeafUp badge awards that will become displayed on your CCDL Team shop that you own or are a part of in the collected badges section!

Grow the following strains to rank LeafUp points and climb the tournaments ladder ranks:




Central American

Hindu Kush




South American


Each end of day in US NYC TimeZone the ladder ranks will be updated accordingly to your accounts registered and whitelisted Tron Blockchain wallet address, so make sure you have included/updated your wallet address in the settings tab of your Blazer profile account. Ladder rank prizes will be issued at the end of the Legacy Landrace Growers Cup. Overall grower volume prizes are issued separately to the top ten Legacy Landrace Strain growers whom grew the most Legacy Landrace Strains.

Ladder Rank Prizes will be announced after the tournament event on the CCG DApp main landing page. Top GrowthXP token users will also be tracked and rewarded extra prizes that will be announced in the CCG DApp landing page after tournament event concludes.
Challenge for position 1


  • Bud Trimmer

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