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  • First Crypto Cannabis Cup: January 20th 2020!
  • Play specific games and earn free SativeGeneSeed or IndicaGeneSeed for making top leader score boards!
  • CCGX OTC Desk: Now Open!
  • Obtain MicroHarvest Miner TRC10 Tokens At The CCGX OTC Desk!
  • Seed The MicroHarvest Miner TRC10 Tokens Towards Harvesting CCGX TRC20 Cryptocurrency to obtain into your TRON Foundation Blockchain Wallet!
  • CCGX Freeze & Stake Coming soon!
  • Crypto Cannabis ATM Is Now Open!
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  • The CCG DApp Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to grow, breed, harvest and collect rare and common Crypto Cannabis digital collectible plant strain varieties !
  • The CCG DApp Partners/Customs Grow Room is now open to grow, breed, harvest and collect rare and common Crypto Cannabis digital collectible partnership and customs plant strain varieties !
  • Join a Crypto Cannabis Growers/Breeders Tournament Cup to compete against other CCDL Shop Teams and Blazers from the Blazebook!
  • Core Edible Variety Types: 5 Core Varieties
  • Difficulty to produce from strains to edibles. (1 Easy - 5 being hardest)
  • Core Cannattribute Varieties Line: 5 Lines.

With continued scaling the Crypto Cannabis DApp Bake Kitchen will open up! Here you may further process TRC20 Crypto Cannabis smart contract strains that have been harvested into smart contract flower in the harvest room.

The Bake Kitchen enables  this fungible token flower to be further processed down into fungible  “candy” token edibles with all different flower strain variety types to choose from! Each variety carries unique “Cannattributes” as in a SativaGeneSeed dominant strain for energizing, or an IndicaGeneSeed heavy variety for better sleep and rest. Custom your edible fungible tokens to be infused and issued into an edible token with immutable ID identity to itself. process any certain quantity flower over into your edible supply based on how much smart contract flower you have for a custom medicinal strength mg dosage.

Enabling transparent authenticity and tangible ownership of that certain mg strength of any particular strain as a Crypto Cannabis Game edible asset increases its value both in the CCDL Marketplaces and the Strain Road. Further consumption (burning) of  Crypto Cannabis Edibles tokens, playing edible based cannabis games with weekly top score rankings among CCG Blazers, rewards further SativaGeneSeed, IndicaGeneSeed and or CCGX MicroMine tokens to your wallet you are sending edibles to the burn escrow for consuming (destroying/locking forever away).

Hungry for CCGX rewards!?! Easy! just obtain some of your favorite strain flower from the CCDL Marketplace shops and process down in your own custom strength edibles or obtain pre-baked different mg strength and variety “Cannattribute” “candy” token edibles like cookies, brownies, soda drinks, teas, candies, capsuls and more! All digital, all for fun and play! All earns CCGX rewards!

Watch flower and edible variety types become rarer as more become consumed (burned/locked away) increasing its market TRON TRX and USDT value that nets larger rewards of CCGX when burned into game escrow during times of increased demand!

Subscribe and stay up to date for the grand opening of the Crypto Cannabis Bake Shop and release of CCG Smart Token digital edible collectibles of many different strains and effect varieties!

  • Legacy Landrace Edibles
  • Legacy Phenotype Edibles
  • Many more multi-strain variety edibles!

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