Crypto Cannabis DApp News!
  • Register An Account Today! Grand Opening!
  • Join Or Buy A CCDL Shop & Start A Team!
  • First Crypto Cannabis Cup: January 20th 2020!
  • Play specific games and earn free SativeGeneSeed or IndicaGeneSeed for making top leader score boards!
  • CCGX OTC Desk: Now Open!
  • Obtain MicroHarvest Miner TRC10 Tokens At The CCGX OTC Desk!
  • Seed The MicroHarvest Miner TRC10 Tokens Towards Harvesting CCGX TRC20 Cryptocurrency to obtain into your TRON Foundation Blockchain Wallet!
  • CCGX Freeze & Stake Coming soon!
  • Crypto Cannabis ATM Is Now Open!
  • Stock up on tokens!
  • The CCG DApp Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to grow, breed, harvest and collect rare and common Crypto Cannabis digital collectible plant strain varieties !
  • The CCG DApp Partners/Customs Grow Room is now open to grow, breed, harvest and collect rare and common Crypto Cannabis digital collectible partnership and customs plant strain varieties !
  • Join a Crypto Cannabis Growers/Breeders Tournament Cup to compete against other CCDL Shop Teams and Blazers from the Blazebook!


  • Buy a CCDL Shop! Form a Team! Create Tournaments to compete against other CCDL Shops or other Blazers in many included DApp, App, Indie & Console Games! Win and earn great CCGX rewards and rare FT/NFT prizes!
  • Launch Premium CCG DApp sponsored Tournaments to any custom game you wish! Crypto Cannabis Game DApp markets and promotes your live/planned paid tournament! Set prize return awards to the top Elite League Tournament event winners! Settle Tournament entrance fees via CCG DApp Woo Commerce partnership with Fiat or Cryptocurrency!
  • Create or join breeding match tournaments with other shops to coordinate cross breeding and partnering new CCG FT/NFT strains as a CCDL Shop owner! Manage Crypto Cannabis Strain breedings as exclusive matches with other CCDL Shops or CCG DApp wide to all Blazers in the open decentralized P2P Strain Road!
  • LeafUp and compete individually or secure a team competitive  initiative for the quarterly Crypto Cannabis Cups!
  • Compete in the Crypto Cannabis Cup Tournament DPoS (Delegated Proof of Strain) voting events! Win top grand prizes of high value cryptocurrency reward packages and rare FT/NFT decentralized Crypto Cannabis Game strains and sponsored gaming assets from DApp games like Chibi’s, Axies, Eggies, Chain Monsters, Bitizens and many more!
  • Start Blazing in the Crypto Cannabis Game DApp ecosystem today!

CCG DApp: For Gamers & Businesses

Open an awesome CCDL shop and build your team! Have your shop custom designed giving you next unlimited asset design integration possibilities!

Need product/business advertisement? Obtain CCGX at our OTC Trade Desk Shop in the marketplace, or upon many global secure cryptocurrency exchanges. Contact us directly for advertisement needs and we will work directly with you and settle the CCGX payments needed to direct CCG secure escrow. We then succeed to custom all of your advertisement campaign needs together.!

Build A CCDL Network

Crypto Cannabis DApp gives you the power to be able to create communities where CCG DApp Blazers can invest into owning CCDL shop(s), team(s), enter breeding/gaming tournaments and matches and Crypto Cannabis Cups.

Set Admins to manage these shops and teams and passively earn to your own standards of network leadership.

CryptoCannabisGame “CCGX” Cryptocurrency

If you aren’t interested in the community gaming/competing side but are a stake hodler of CCGX, Crypto Cannabis Game also allows you awesome professional Crypto, Blockchain, DApp, Gaming, Global Tech/Finance focused up to date news! Further explore niche products and services sponsorships site wide in E-commerce!

Visit the CCGX OTC Desk to learn more, obtain CCGX cryptocurrency and start earning staked rewards today!

CCG DApp P2P Strain Road

Are you a strict wanderer of the P2P strain road? Your input is always valuable as a community  Blazebook member and Crypto Cannabis smart contract strain breeder.  Consider CCDL Shop team support by joining a shop when ready or if interested, or reach out if you maybe consider owning a CCDL shop. Blaze On!

Vote For SR SesameSeed! Visit & join the SEED Germinator Lab!

Vote For SR Tron Europe! Visit & join the TERC Origins LaunchPad!

CCG DApp Smart-Menu

With our Visual Composer powered CCG DApp Smart-Menu, you can navigate easily for whatever your needs are. You can explore the entire ecosystem directly from the header explorer, but here are the most relevant Crypto Cannabis DApp tools.

CCG DApp Token ATM
CCG DApp Strain Shop
CCDL Shop Marketplace
CCG DApp On The Go! Secure Mobile Crypto Wallets/DApp Browsers
CCGX Exchange Listings
CCG DApp GitHub Code Bank
CCG DApp P2P Strain Road
CCG DApp E-Commerce Shop
CCG DApp Game Tutorials
CCG DApp Whitepaper

CCG DApp Blazer Creator

After taking a brows around and normalizing to the CCG DApp ecosystem begin your full on immersion longterm by becoming a Blazer of the DApp. Register your account for free today and get playing. Utility the Blazer Creator “Register/Create An Account” and custom your entire profile and display your niche self interest/style flow to the entire Crypto Cannabis Game ecosystem of alike Blazers.

Take it a step further and join a Crypto Cannabis Game shop or if your up for a full on longterm investment into your competitive gaming career and think you have what it takes to form and run a successful competitive team then email or message the Crypto Cannabis Game Oracles to obtain a CryptoCannabisDispensaryLicense (CCDL) shop token and whitelist your shop owning wallet address.

Open up your own DApp Shop!
Grow a team!

Visit the CCG DApp Oracle Shop to get started in buying and opening up your own rare CCDL Tokenized Shop and Team!

Manage your strain collection, buy and sell directly out of your shop! Market yourself above all the rest.

Grow an e-sports/blockchain gaming team and compete against other shops! Win great prizes by playing games and growing/ breeding new strains!

LeafUp and compete in Crypto Cannabis Cups to win even greater prizes!

Join A Shop Team!

Not interested in having to manage of strains, team members and game events/tournaments and the business of Crypto Cannabis Gaming? No worries! Just shop for a right fitting CryptoCannabisDispensaryLicensed Shop to join and begin playing games, breeding strains and growing fun for the entire ecosystem. Compete with or against your shop team, with other shops and or independent Blazers and Strain Road travelers! Dont Miss Out!

Have Tournaments Created Custom Scheduled & Designed To Your Networks Needs.

CCG DApp E-Sports/Console/Blockchain Gaming Tournaments:

  • Our DApp is integrated with a fully immersive layer of gaming technologies.
  • Build and run a Crypto Cannabis Game team custom to your own brand!
  • Have created custom scheduled competition tournaments in many different games.

Professional Gamer Tools To Succeed Your Gaming Career:

  • Have your own network of games integrated into the competitive choice scope.
  • Live chat and Twitch streaming abilities directly via your CCDL Shop Team!
  • Have created custom premium paid tournaments that carries prizes and awards and gather revenues into your DApp shop team business.

Fully Networked Custom Branding To Your Needs:

  • Have customized your own backgrounds and design specific to your branding needs.
  • HTML5
  • Custom CSS3 Styling
  • Custom CSS3 Animations
  • Build using the latest Bootstrap
  • Full stack dev team with 24 hour support or ticketing entrance abilities for help.

Extended Marketing Services & E-Commerce Brand Product Sales Solutions:

  • WooCommerce support and extended brand/team/events AdSpace to a network inside and outside of the DApp globally to millions if outreaches. Addition your brand products in partnership with the CCG DApp Shop!
  • Extend you branding outreach and or brand products sales and exposure like apparel and items on-boarded into the CCG DApp E-Commerce Store! Subscribe to further paid Ad-Space to market your branding, team, events, strains and collectibles via our full marketing and SEO partnership companies and affiliates.

Passive Roi!

Professional investing without having to play!

Not interested in playing games or having to perform daily in game tasks and or managing shop teams?

Crypto Cannabis Game DApp has built into its token economics model a fully immerse earning and ROI staking system that is both fair and non-inflationary. CryptoCannabisGame (CCGX) TRC20 smart contract may be obtained and you may become a participant holder of CCGX by way of globally trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, or by harvesting our own in-house DApp CCGX OTC Desk.

Thats right! Obtain non-inflationary rates of CCGX MicroHarvest TRC10 tokens with TRX and harvest the CCGX limited supply TRC20 smart contract cryptocurrency!

Here is where you may then hodl CCGX TRC20, use in global E-commerce/POS anywhere crypto is accepted in business and payment settlement for goods and services. Trade CCGX on exchanges with multiple other cryptocurrency pairings or stake and freeze your CCGX hodl via our staking contracts to enable passive earning of more CCGX MicroHarvest tokens direct and secure to your staked wallet address.

Further expand your CCGX TRC20 frozen balance from newly harvested CCGX TRC20 and begin profiting in the short and long term!

Cross-Blockchain Scaling!

Crypto Cannabis Game DApp is scalable between different blockchain virtual machines/protocols. CCG DApp with scaleable FT Crypto Cannabis digital collectible game strains being upgradable allows cross-chain, side-chain/off-chain FT TRC20 smart contract digital upgrades.

Mothering your crypto cannabis digital collectibles in NFT ENJIN 1155 smart contracts allows cross-chain compatibility and bonus harvest/cloning incentives of mother strains moving back from ERC1155 to TRC20 and visa versa. This enables marketplace listing access upon for buying and selling your Crypto Cannabis Game DApp NFT asset

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