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  • First Crypto Cannabis Cup: January 20th 2019!
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  • CCGX OTC Desk: Now Open!
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  • Crypto Cannabis ATM Is Now Open!
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  • The CCG DApp non-working test shell of the Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to tour!

Welcome to the Crypto Cannabis Cup How-To Guide!

Register today and jump into competitive gaming, FT/NFT collectible crypto cannabis game strain growing, breeding, and crypto cannabis cup strain competing. Obtain a CCDL token to whitelist yourself with your TRON TRX wallet. With a CryptoCannabisGame E-Sports gaming/game strain shop you can further create teams, battle other teams, win tournaments and earn amazing rewards.

Create an account and become a CCG DApp  Blazer!

To join, participate in Crypto Cannabis Cups and or joining/having created gaming tournament(s)/ shop growing/breeding campaigns, you will need an account. Easily create one with the registration tab button.

Join/create a team

Cypto Cananbis Game DApp gives you the power to create your own e-sports/indie/decentralized gaming shop team(s) or if you prefer joining an already created one. Rep your business competitive team brand and extend your marketing reach with our powerful news/marketing networking outreaches to funnel large niche traffic direct to your business/competitive event needs of campaign(s). Succeed your DApp team shop here in the Crypto Cannabis Game Decentralized Application mass-media marketing partnerships.

Join/host or have hosted custom gaming tournaments/CCG DApp FT/NFT growing/breeding campaigns.

As a CCG DApp user or a CCDL shop team token owner you have the power of having hosted/hosting gaming tournaments, crypto cannabis game ft/nft growing and breeding event campaigns/competitions, deciding on tournament/campaign/event competition types and prices for the winners/top performers.


If you see a gaming tournament, CCG DApp FT/NFT growing/breeding event/campaign you can also try your luck and strategy by joining it and climb to glory!


Play for free and win fantastic prizes!

Raise to the top and win amazing prizes! We always incentivize that CCG DApp is free to every one to use and be a part of. Be here as a Blazer and be rewarded with game tokens!



  • CCG DApp Beta Grow Cup


    Tournament Begins: September 27, 2019, 4:20 pm

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Tournament Author: cryptocannabis

    Maximum Participants: 420000 users

    Current Participants: 13 users

    Prize: The newly gained wisdom and knowledge of how to join and participate in the CCG DApp tournaments, how to match and compete with alike tournament participants, along with the great success of learning and pioneering the CCG DApp Grow Room! Good Luck and Grow Hard!



    Tournament Begins: April 20, 2020, 4:20 am

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Tournament Author: cryptocannabis

    Maximum Participants: 420 users

    Current Participants: 18 users

    Prize: 10,000 TRX, 5,000 TRX, 2,500 TRX

  • 1st Ever Crypto Cannabis Cup


    Tournament Begins: January 20, 2020, 4:20 am

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Tournament Author: cryptocannabis

    Maximum Participants: 27 users

    Current Participants: 22 users

    Prize: 10,000 TRON TRX, 5,000 TRON TRX, 2,500 TRON TRX