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  • First Crypto Cannabis Cup: January 20th 2019!
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  • CCGX OTC Desk: Now Open!
  • Obtain CCGX TRC10 Tokens At CCGX OTC Desk!
  • Seed The CCGX TRC10 Towards Harvesting CCGX TRC20 Cryptocurrency!
  • Freeze and harvest further CCGX TRC10 MicroMine Tokens Cross Chain! CCGX Freeze & Stake Coming soon!
  • Crypto Cannabis ATM Is Now Open!
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  • The CCG DApp non-working test shell of the Legacy Landrace Grow Room is now open to tour!
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Rocket on au by KDDI Type D-2Welcome To The CCG DApp!Rocket on au by KDDI Type D-2

智-There is a saying that if you don’t try you definitely will not ever know if you will win. 

➳Best of luck always… but practice and participation takes the place always over luck when competing to win in gaming.

✰Your Competing At Your Best When Your Keeping The Gameplay Fun!

?Even If You Do Not Win Each Time:


Race To Grow Landrace Competition Results

1st. JamesNm:

Nep: 18

Afg: 19

2nd. OgreAbroad:

Nep: 8

Afg: 11

3rd. Makl:

Nep: 3

Afg: 3

4th. Fishworks:

Nep: 4

Afg: 1

5th. H3RSH3YB3AR:

Nep: 2

Afg: 2

6th. PotMillionaire:

Nep: 1

Afg: 1

Crypto Cannabis Cup Explorer

Visit the Green Inferno for free to play beta CCG DApp "Sun-Sidechain games."


☝Practice Play Always For Free!☝

?-Play unlimited times to Prepare To Enter The Beta CCG DApp SUN Side-Chain Game(s) Scheduled Tournaments.

⚔️-Enter by staking a small amount of CCGX TRC10 or TRC20 To Enter And Compete to Win Larger CCGX, GeneSeed, Relic Items, TRX & BTT.

?-Many more great prizes like ledger nano’s and other crypto/gaming tech, apparel and niche merchandise eventually with DApp growth will be offered to incentivize playing and having fun here together in competitive gaming with rewards.

♛♚-Prize Pools, awarded to top winners!


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